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PC World awards

Two Matrix games, Across the Dnepr 2 and Battles from the Bulge, make the top 10.

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Staten Island, NY, December 23rd, 2010 – Tis’ the season to be jolly… Matrix Games ( and Slitherine ( are thrilled to announce that PC World has named not one, but two, of their acclaimed products among the top 10 games for 2010. Across the Dnepr 2 and Battles from the Bulge both celebrate the holiday season with shiny new awards from PC World to go along with their already substantial critical and fan acclaim. Although there are many other great games from great publishers and developers on the list, Matrix Games/Slitherine is the only publisher to have the honor of seeing two of their titles make the top ten of the year!

Across the Dnepr 2 wins this praise in the award slideshow: “What's so special? The same thing Kharkov [Disaster on the Donets] delivered: A turn-based wargame that deftly mitigates a decades-old wargaming problem--hindsight--by mixing historically restricted areas and formations with unguessable force outlay variants.” Battles from the Bulge was hailed handsomely as well: “Another fascinating, fantastically wrought wargame the mainstream sites and strategy blogs blinked past. You shouldn't. Not if you're into exquisitely drawn World War II maps, meticulously crafted scenarios, carefully folded-in historical fidelity, and relentlessly shrewd, frighteningly aware computer opponents. Battles From the Bulge was the most sophisticated real-time strategy game released this year, and you've probably never heard of it.”

Get more information on Across the Dnepr 2 and Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge from their respective product pages.


Matrix Games produces, markets and publishes historical wargames as well as other computer gaming products.  Since 2000, Matrix Games has published over one hundred titles and several award-winning games, including Gary Grigsby’s War in the Pacific, Close Combat: The Longest Day, Harpoon 3 Advanced Naval Warfare, John Tiller’s Campaign Series, Conquest of the Aegean, Crown of Glory: Emperor’s Edition, Battles In Normandy and Norm Koger’s The Operational Art of War III. Matrix Games is based in Staten Island, New York.  For more information, visit the Matrix Games website at


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