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PC platform revenue hit $11 billion in 2008

New research from PC Gaming Alliance also outlines growth of digital distribution

A new report from the PC Gaming Alliance into the state of the platform in 2008 has revealed that the "largest single platform for games" took around USD 11 billion over the course of the 12 months.

It also noted the growth of digital distribution on the platform, driven by the continuing success of services such as Steam, the growth of free-to-play titles utilising micro-transactions, and the sale of game cards at retail chains.

MMOs were cited as one of the major sources of income for the PC games industry, noting World of Warcraft's USD 1 billion-plus contribution as well as several Asian MMOs taking USD 100 million apiece.

"The biggest story in PC games is the expansion beyond retail," said Randy Stude, president of PCGA. "PC games have successfully pioneered online subscription and distribution models that have resulted in a global boom that shows no signs of slowing. Despite the advances of the likes of Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, the online platform that remains the most accessible and robust worldwide is the PC."

The report, which was commissioned by the PCGA and written by DFC Intelligence, is available on request.

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