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Payne takes charge at Just Flight

British based flight simulation publisher Just Flight has announced that Andy Payne is to take over as managing director at the firm, picking up the reins (or, er, flightstick) from departing MD Mungo Amyatt-Leir.

Industry veteran Payne, who heads up ascendant PC budget software label Mastertronic, will replace Amyatt-Leir when he leaves the company at the end of this year to "move on to new areas".

"Like everyone in flight simulation, Just Flight is looking forward to the exciting challenges that the future holds," Payne commented in a statement this week. "I'm confident that the Just Flight crew will continue to bring the very best software to a wider audience and support the developers and community that make our hobby what it is!"

As part of the reshuffle at the specialist publisher, senior product manager Alex Ford is also set to move up to the position of publishing director, and will be responsible for the firm's developer relationships and managing its product line.

"I greatly enjoy flight simulation," according to Ford, "and my expanded role will allow me to work closely with the people behind the marvellous software that keeps us airborne on our PCs. In these days of virtual (and impersonal) communications I'm very much looking forward to meeting developers in person and working together to create high quality, innovative products for flight simulation."

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