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Paul Griffiths sign deal with Retro-Soft to bring his Spectrum games back to life, and also joins the Alten8.com development team.


Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK - May 10 2005 - Retro-Soft.co.uk (part of the Alten8.com development group) announce world-wide distribution deal with Paul Griffiths.

Yet more Spectrum software is being revived thanks to Retro-Soft.co.uk, this time from the hand of Paul Griffiths, who is joining the Alten8.com development group as lead coder. The games pending re-release are Dominion, Hawkstorm, Joe Blade 4, Lop Ears, Saracen, Shark, Super League and World Cup Challenge, all of which will be available for any good Spectrum emulator. In Griffiths' role as lead coder for Alten8.com, he'll be porting many of the above titles (and others) to more recent platforms such as PalmOS compatible machines.

Paul Andrews, of Retro-Soft.co.uk said "Apart from our PalmOS and Pocket Windows developments, we are currently considering developing for other portable platforms and for the MicroSoftTM WindowsTM environment. We're planning a big announcement once we have everything in place."

Retro-Soft.co.uk have uploaded much of its Spectrum catalogue to its sister website (currently in beta testing) at www.download-trader.com. Prices start at just £1.20 per title.

About Retro-Soft.co.uk

Set up at the start of 2005, Retro-Soft, part of the Alten8 Development group, are PalmOS publishers and have plans to release and re-release software across many obsolete formats such as the classic Amigas, Sinclair Spectrum, C64 and many other 8 and 16 bit machines and emulators.


Paul Andrews - info@retro-trader.com


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