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Version 5.19.00 attained; licensed to Real U.

Lyon, France - February 12th 2009 - PathEngine announces release 5.19.00 of the pathfinding and agent movement SDK. This release includes significant optimisation of our 3D content processing, with ground generation times down to less than half those for the previous release in many cases. We're also pleased to announce licensing to Real U, for 'Otherland'.

PathEngine's 3D content processing is a fully automatic and completely robust solution for the generation of pathfinding ground mesh from arbitrary 3D source data. The process includes targetted optimisations for terrain data, and integrates with our 'mesh federation' tiled pathfinding functionality for seamless pathfinding over worlds of effectively unlimited size.

Release 5.19 also makes some important useability improvements in our 2D content processing, (non interface-breaking) API changes, helper methods and bugfixes.

Details about the full set of changes in this release can be found in our SDK changelog, on this page:


About PathEngine

PathEngine was founded in 2000 to provide an extremely focused and modular solution to some fundamental issues in intelligent agent movement, based on hard industry experience.

The SDK is built around an advanced implementation of points-of-visibility pathfinding over three-dimensional ground meshes.

Our approach enables pathfinding and collision in tight integration against a single, sophisticated, agent movement model, with agent shape taken into account exactly, seamless support for overlapping geometry, and with fast and robust dynamic obstacles directly integrated into the core movement model.

PathEngine is integrated with a host of triple-A titles, including 'Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts' (Rare, Microsoft Corporation), 'Pirates of the Burning Sea' (Flying Lab Games), 'Mobile Suit Gundam: Operation Troy' (Dimps Corporation), 'Titan Quest' (Ironlore Entertainment), 'Florensia' (NetTimeSoft Corporation), and titles in development by Lionhead and The Creative Assembly.

For a more complete list of SDK clients please see:


For further information, including documentation and demos, or to arrange an evaluation, please visit:


telephone: +33 4

email: generalcontact@pathengine.com

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