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Path of Exile

Fireball-hurling Witch class unveiled from online action RPG.


AUCKLAND, New Zealand – 20 December 2010 – Independent games studio Grinding Gear Games today unveiled the third playable character class - the Witch - and new areas and skills from Path of Exile, their upcoming online action Role-Playing Game (RPG). 

The magic-using Witch can hurl fireballs and freeze enemies in place, as well as draw upon occult forces to raise zombies or detonate nearby dead corpses, amongst other skills.  The powerful but volatile Witch was exiled to Wraeclast for good reason - when cornered by street thugs she fought back violently with her devastating magic.  Everyone in that part of town was instantly killed, or worse. The Witch must now learn to control her powers as she explores the post-apocalyptic continent.

A new trailer focusing on the Witch also shows previously unseen areas of the corrupted land of Wraeclast.  In the video the Witch moves from the coast through an abandoned prison into a cliff-side cave system which leads to a confrontation with the Merveil, the Siren, at the end of the game’s first act.

The final game will have six character classes, randomized loot, randomized levels, hundreds of skills and hundreds of enemy opponents. 

“The game is designed to be incredibly flexible, and the number of possible character builds is virtually limitless.  Anyone playing any class can use any of the skill gems, items and weapons they find in Path of Exile.  Nothing is wasted,” said Chris Wilson, Grinding Gear Games’ Founder.  

“Players will have a lot of fun experimenting with different combinations.  Although they are generally rewarded for choosing abilities and items relevant to their class’ strengths, some of the best combinations could involve using off-class concepts in interesting ways.”

This character building flexibility will lead to diverse and challenging Player vs Player combat (PvP), which is optional in the game.  Path of Exile will feature a variety of leagues including Hardcore, Attrition and Cut-Throat modes which have customised game rules, challenges, limited durations and valuable rewards.

The dark fantasy RPG will be free-to-play with players able to purchase in-game perks, such as extra animations, clothing and special effects. However, players will not be able to buy abilities or experience – ensuring a competitive and level playing field.

Path of Exile has been in development for four years by Grinding Gear Games, an independent studio of hardcore RPG fans based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Key features of ‘Path of Exile’:

·  Six character classes

·  Dozens of unique monsters

·  Complex randomized item system

·  Free to download and play on persistent servers

·  Freedom to use every skill and item with any class

·  Dynamic skill system

·  Competitive online PvP play

·  Randomized indoors and outdoors levels

·  Liven things up with in-game perks

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