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Paradox release dates

Majesty 2: Monster Kingdom and King Arthur: The Druids expansions slip to January for slightly hazy reasons.

NEW YORK, 10th December 2010 – Ali versus Frazier, David versus Goliath, some of greatest battles the world has ever seen. And now, unleashed upon an unsuspecting world (and unsuspecting Paradox Interactive staff members), its Monsters versus Druids!

Picture the scene. It’s all going so well. Majesty 2: Monster Kingdom and King Arthur: The Druids were both set to release in December. “I know” said Frederik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive, “Seeing as how they’ve been so good recently, and their expansions are almost finished, let’s invite the Monsters and the Druids to the Paradox Christmas party. What could possible go wrong?” Famous last words readers.

No-one knows for sure how it started. The Druids say that one of the Monsters gave them a pitcher of ‘lemonade’ and it wasn’t until they started drinking it that they realized it wasn’t lemonade! The Monsters say one of the Druids got a bit happy and turned one of them into a frog. Or it might have been a dragon. Whoever was to blame, before you knew it the Paradox Christmas party turned in to a full on brawl. Fists and fur were flying, spells were bouncing off the walls, food and drink were being tossed in every direction. At one point, Susana Meza, Executive Vice President of Publishing, could be seen clinging to the leg of one of the Monsters trying to break up one of the fights!

After the dust had settled, five Monsters and seven Druids ended up in hospital which unfortunately means that the Majesty 2: Monsters and King Arthur: The Druids expansions have to be pushed back until January 2011. And they won’t be invited to next year’s Christmas party!

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