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Paradox announces free "unlocked" trial version of Silent Heroes

New York, USA (October 9, 2006) - Paradox Interactive, a leading publisher and developer of critically acclaimed strategy titles, announced today that gamers worldwide will be given a free trial of "Silent Heroes", the stand-alone expansion to "Soldiers: Heroes of World War II". The unlocked version will give gamers a 3 hour uninterrupted opportunity to try the game and all the available features.

"This is our deluxe demo version of the game", said Fredrik Wester, Director of Sales and Acquisitions for Paradox Interactive. "By offering an unlocked version, players can get a more accurate feel for whether this game is for them or not and frankly we believe it will result in happier gamers all together."

In the game, players take control of a special operations force during World War II and will have dozens of controllable equipment models, a vast choice of firearms, small arms, cold steel, and more at their disposal. The environments are highly interactive environments and the story-driven campaign focuses on sabotage missions behind enemy lines.

"Silent Heroes" is available exclusively on Gamer's Gate for worldwide download at $19.99. Read more about the game, find screenshots and more here:

Download the unlocked free trial:

About Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive has been a leading publisher and developer of strategy games for the PC platform since 1999. Well-known worldwide for their strategy titles, the company has a particularly strong presence in Europe and the US. The steadily growing publishing portfolio includes in-house developed titles such as critically acclaimed franchises Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron; as well as third party titles that include Rush for Berlin in North America, Galactic Civilizations II in Europe and upcoming

Frontline: Kursk world-wide.

The experienced Paradox development team is currently working on Europa Universalis III, its biggest production yet.

Paradox Interactive

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