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Indie game falls, then floats onto Android Market.

Parachute sees the player taking control of Paraman, a somewhat crazy looking Parachutist, as he attempts to race his way through 40 fun packed levels, dodging platforms, objects and enemies to safely reach the landing pad.

Dominic Birch, Lead Software Developer and co-designer of Parachute, said “The primary focus during development of Parachute was to ensure that players are constantly having fun. We achieved this through a simple tilt control mechanism and by hand crafting each level to provide challenging, addictive game play. In order to achieve high scores, players must complete levels as fast as possible but at the same time carefully control their speed to avoid dying.”

“Another of our goals was to provide variety so that players always have something new to discover, hence the 40 levels are split equally over 5 uniquely themed areas, each with their own set of obstacles to avoid. From icy Mountains with freezing platforms, falling icicles and snowball lobbing yetis, through to the far reaches of Space with UFOs, rockets and alien artifacts.”

“Players are gently eased into the action, the first few levels contain basic static platforms, with more challenging obstacles such as falling objects, moving platforms, killer creatures and a host of mysterious projectile throwing yetis introduced as the game progresses.”

Ominous Game Labs have produced an impressive and polished game. With colourful graphics, beautiful parallax scrolling backgrounds, simple game play and cute sound, Parachute looks set to be a great addition to the Android Market. Two modes of play, Standard and Kids, provide enjoyment for adult and younger gamers alike, with high scores stored either locally or posted online to the Parachute leader boards.

The full version of Parachute can be found on the Android Market at: http :// market . android . com / details ? id = uk . co . omisoft . game . parachute,

A free version is also available at: http :// market . android . com / details ? id = uk . co . omisoft . game . parachute . free.



Ominous Game Labs was founded in 2010 with its primary focus on producing simple, addictive and fun games on mobile devices for all to enjoy. Parachute is the first title Ominous Game Labs has launched for the Android Market, and plans are already underway for several other titles. Ominous Game Labs can be contacted via the Parachute game website at http :// www . parachutegame . co . uk.


Contact: Dominic Birch, 07919550325,  admin @ omisoft . co . uk

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