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Footage released of Acony's free-to-play MMO FPS.

5 December 2008 – Germany - Acony Games are pleased to unveil video footage for their game PARABELLUM a brand new Free-to-Play Game. Parabellum is a massive multiplayer online First Person Shooter (MMO-FPS), it combines the best elements of FPS (First Person Shooter) and MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games to create an extremely unique and fully customizable gaming experience. PARABELLUM introduces the first interactive non-linear multiplayer campaigns in addition to an advanced character & weapon development system. The game is due be released as a free download in the first quarter of 2009.


By the year 2018, the privatization of global military forces created highly profitable opportunities for ex-soldiers, mercenaries and adventurers. Set in a world in a not too distant future, you must choose your alignments carefully to survive. You must join forces with one of the two foremost covert reconnaissance organizations in the world. The CTF; an organization avowed to keeping anarchy at bay, or the Syndicate; a legion of bloodthirsty rebels bent on destruction and chaos. Each of them are solicited by the C.I.N. a Global Mercenary Network that provides contract missions to each of these factions who vie against one another with the fate of the World as the ultimate prize.

Each mission will force you to make decisions that will have a consequence on the outcome of each operation. Instead of playing repetitious unconnected levels, you fight throughout entire cities wreaking havoc and mayhem during the entire mission. Important decisions where every battle can change the outcome of the global mission must be made continually by you, adding to the real time suspense. You may choose from different routes to conquer the city as well as lure antagonists into deadly traps. All of which can be modified to affect the fate of the campaign by completing the hazardous special-missions.

You will begin as a novice mercenary accepting missions in some of the World's most exotic and intriguing locations. From the famous skyline of New York City to the dense jungles of South America, each mission you will gain experience and increase your abilities to become one of the most legendary mercenaries in the C.I.N. Network! As your experience grows your character evolves as well. You have the ability to unlock new weapons, weapon modifications and attachments, body armor, accessories and appearance with over 10,000 possible combinations to truly individualize your character in ways never seen before in any MMO-FPS!


We understand that our players do not want a game where the thickness of your wallet determines the winner. This is why we designed the game so that victory or defeat is defined by your own skill and wits during the game. No weapons or equipment in the game require you to pay with actual money.

As was utililizing cutting-edge technology for PARABELLUM, we at ACONY felt it was also very important from the start that as a free-to-play game, PARABELLUM would run on most machines; not only state of the art hardware. ACONY did not want to compromise the quality for which FPS games are known. Considering all of these factors made the decision to implement the "Unreal Engine 3" technology an easy one.

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