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Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder

Super low-budget tower defence title arriving in North America soon.

Lublin, Poland – February 14, 2011– How do you follow up a crappy iPhone game with terrible graphics and awful music? Why, by creating a crappy PlayStation Mini game with terrible graphics and awful music, of course! iFun4All announced today that its worst game to date, Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder , is coming soon to PlayStation®Network! Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder released in Europe several months ago, but the North American version has been delayed due to the team at iFun4All constantly getting drunk and having limited access to electricity in their tiny Hungarian village.

Following in the footsteps of its recent iPhone and iPod touch game Crap of Defense, Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder is playable on both the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system and is a serious contender for the worst game of all time.

“It has been our goal from the very beginning to create not only the worst PlayStation Mini of all time, but the worst videogame ever created throughout human history,” said says Fülöp Mészáros, one of the most world–renown Hungarian designers (out of two). “With no shortage of true stinkers throughout the videogame industry, it was a tough challenge. But our understaffed and underfunded development team dug deep and found a way to succeed and create a truly awful game, although certain folks in the media unfortunately seem to disagree…”

In what Mészáros feels is a certain conspiracy to convince gamers that Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder is actually a well-made, fun and enjoyable-to-play tower defense games, various media outlets have lauded significant praise on the European version of Paper Wars . gave it their first 10/10 in the history of the website, saying “I had to really nitpick in order to search for anything bad to say about this mini. Well, there are some areas of this game that needs improving, I would suggest maybe a sequel or two…Seriously, there’s nothing to complain.”

“I’m unbelievably outraged by’s review of Paper Wars, and am hopeful that North American reviews will be more fair and understanding,” continued Mészáros .“We will stop at nothing until our game is widely considered the worst of all time!”

Immersed in an old fashioned, decrepit military battlefield, players in Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder must take down a sea of poorly drawn and animated enemy soldiers as they attempt to cross into your territory. Load your cannons and take aim with the hope of ultimately blasting your way to victory! Each mission progresses in difficulty and contains a set of goals that must be met in order to uncover a range of achievements. From land mines to air strikes, players can create mass explosions to wipe out the battlefield before reaching a certain amount of “killz” and not letting the predetermined amount of enemies through. With fierce enemies, endless shooting modes to choose from and dozens of achievements to work towards, gamers are in store for hours of fun and laughter, even if it’s at the game’s expense!

More information about this sublimely sub-par title will be released in the next few days. For any press inquiries about Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder or any additional information about the drunken iFun4All team, please contact Kimberly Poggetti ( ) and Jerry Whitehead III ( ) with Reverb Communications.


About iFun4All:

iFun4All is one of the worst developers in the world, let alone Europe. Consisting of a few drunkards wandering around remote villages in Europe, iFun4All’s goal is to create truly terrible games, with the ultimate aspiration of creating the worst game of all time. Unfortunately, the team’s first two titles, Crap of Defense and Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder, are receiving rave reviews across the gaming media, convincing iFun4All’s members that the gaming journalists are conspiring against them (which just makes the team angrier and drunker). Despite all the positive press, iFun4All is committed to developing the worst games available to gamers across the world, and will not rest until it is done (or until they pass out). For more information, please visit

iFun4All Media Contacts:

Kimberly Poggetti

Reverb Communications

(209) 586-1495 x113

Jerry Whitehead III

Reverb Communications

(209) 586-1495 ex. 111

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