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Panzer Tactics 2

Mobile tank-on-tank strategy available now.

Giebelstadt, May 28th, 2008

Fight in some of the fiercest battles of the World War II! The second part of the series leads you to hard-fought North Africa and into the devastated Leningrad.

World War II was the largest conflict of human history. Millions of soldiers fought for their countries. Slip into the role of a young officer of the Axis, the Allies or the Soviets and prove your courage on the battlefields of this merciless war. The searing heat of the Libyan Desert and the icy cold of Murmansk's tundra are waiting for you! Have you got what it takes to be a great strategist? Recruit units, conquer cities and watch out for the enemy's dive bombers! Panzer Tactics 2 places much value on historical accuracy and lets you re-enact exciting, actual battles. Meet famous generals like Rommel, Montgomery or Zhukov and prove that you can take on them!

The strategy hit Panzer Tactics 2 is available for your mobile phone now!

Panzer Tactics™ Mobile 2 © 2008 published and developed by HandyGames under official license of 10TACLE STUDIOS AG. Based on Panzer Tactics™ DS © 2007 10TACLE STUDIOS AG, developed by Sproing Interactive Media GmbH. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


- Second part of the successful series with up to 30 missions and up to 3 bonus missions

- More than 140 units and 7 factions ranging from Vichy France to Finland

- 9 types of terrain and weather effects provide tactical diversity

- 5 experience levels improve your units

- 30 officers enhance your 10 core units

- Considerably improved artificial intelligence

- Fog of War provides tactical depth

- Extensive tutorial - get into the game easily!

About HandyGames™:

HandyGames™ is one of the leading independent developers of games for mobile phones. The company has offices in Giebelstadt, Germany and in Bucharest, Romania and has its very own international distribution network. The company was founded in 2000 by Markus Kassulke, Christopher Kassulke and Udo Bausewein, has more than 35 employees and plans to expand further.

The huge and diverse variety of products, which all excel by high quality, consists of downloadable and pre-installed games, as well as applications and games for the mobile Internet. HandyGames™ has developed top sellers such as Gothic 3 – The Beginning, Panzer Tactics, My Model Train, Townsmen or Flitzer.

The company’s long time success is reflected in close co-operations with producers of mobile phones and network operators, as well as in the many international prizes it has won.

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