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Panzer Elite Action - Dunes Of War - The Battle Begins!

Liezen, Austria, 11th of Septembre 2006: Get ready, tank commanders! JoWooD Productions and the ESL are inviting the toughest of you into the heat of the desert. Join your brothers in arms and compete in the huge Panzer Elite Action - Dunes of War Multiplayer-Demo Championship.:

Today, at 1:30 p.m., you can can start enrolling at

After two weeks of basic training you`ll be sent to war: In groups of three tanks you`ll be fighting your way through the tournament - and only the best ones will participate in the final battle, winning not only honour and glory, but also great prizes.

So load your main gun, check your fuel and prepare for the ultimate tank fight "Panzer Elite Action - Dunes of War", where you will be sent straight into the heat of the battle.

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