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Panzer Elite Action – Dunes of War: Hot battles beneath an even hotter sun!

Panzer Elite Action - Dunes of War Stand-Alone

Liezen, Austria, 4th of May 2006: Get ready. Tank commanders! The battle for survival on the once beautiful beaches in Northern Africa, this is no lazy-day of sitting in the sun and eating ice cream, dead bodies are pilling up everywhere, because bombs and shells now rule the deserts and shatter oases.

"Panzer Elite Action - Dunes of War" (PC), the African chapter to the recently released tank action title "Panzer Elite Action - Fields of Glory", send the officer and his crew deep into the desert, during the shattering battles of the African campaign, it's about victory for both sides and your first duty is to ensure the survival of your comrades with victory as the ultimate goal.


  • Two new different campaigns including Germans and Allies
  • leader of your own squad.
  • The fast paced, action packed game puts you right into the battlefield filled with dozens of airplanes, anti tank cannons, infantry and enemy vehicles, all controlled by a complex system.
  • Feel the power of 30 tons of steel armour around you as you crush through the destructible environment, mowing down trees and destroying entire buildings
  • 10 new Multiplayer maps with different environments and styles.
  • Popular "Conquest" and "Capture the Flag" style multiplayer mode for up to 32 players
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