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Pandora Bricks - The nowhere in time breaker

JavArt is proud to present Pandora Bricks, a precious jewel emerged from the deepness of time, where the battle between Chaos and Order seems to have no end.

With its innovative game-play, Pandora Bricks shakes the world of brick-breaker games multiplying the platforms by 4.

The story

In a time before the Time, prior to the creation of the earth, an epic battle between Chaos and Order took place. Ancient and powerful creatures, fighting bravely and risking their own lives, succeeded to defeat Chaos and relegate him to the dimension zero under the control of the ultimate Being, Enki.

After millions of years, Chaos awakened and beat his guardian Enki. The new generation of creatures is young and doesn't have the power to control Chaos breaking in our dimension. There is only one hero that seems to be strong enough to face Chaos His name is Gilgamesh, born from a god and a mortal. He will defend and take care of the mythical vase from the forces of Chaos who will try to escape from their prison and oppose the guardians making solid barriers, apparently unbreakable.


The challenge is to knock down all the barriers and kill the final-level monsters. Besides your skills, special blocks with hidden bonuses like mallet, multi-ball, caterpillar and the incisive magnetic field will help the player along the levels.

In single player mode, 2 platforms are controlled by the CPU and this makes the game-play of Pandora Bricks unique.

In multiplayer mode 2 players (moving 2 platforms each) will help each other clearing the 30 levels and kill the 3 final bosses.

With Pandora Bricks both casual and hardcore gamers will have on their mobile phone a rare ad exiting game experience.

Come into Pandora' dimension.


· 4 platforms

· Enky will help Gilgamesh moving 2 platforms automatically

· 3 different animated locations

· 30 levels

· 2 characters: the Ancient God Enky and Gilgamesh

· 3 final-level Monsters

· Astonishing bonuses

· Mythic music

· Multiplayer Bluetooth mode


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