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Palzoun - BANG!

Launch trailer released for Spaghetti Western-inspired board game.

November 5 th 2010

BANG!, the Spaghetti Western board game coming to Apple iPhone, iPad HD, iPod Touch, Atom Netbook and PC, shoots from the hip with its brand new live-action trailer.

The film, inspired by the legendary “Spaghetti Western” films of director Sergio Leone, sees the Outlaws take on the Sheriff and his Deputies in a duel to the death! But the Sheriff and his Posse are not quite what you’d expect…

Filmed on location outside of Rome, Italy by games publisher Palzoun, the BANG! launch trailer sets the scene for players to take each other on with the world’s first Multi-platform Multiplayer game where split-second reactions, superior cunning and sharp wits can make the difference between seeing the sun rise on another day or pushing up daisies on Boot Hill!

To experience the BANG! Spaghetti Western, please click the links: http://www.bangvideogame.com or http://www.youtube.com/palzoun.

BANG! will be available worldwide in December 2010 via the iTunes AppStore (iPhone, iPad HD & iPod Touch), Intel AppUp (Atom Netbook) and PC direct download.

BANG! – CALAMITY JANET – the Beautiful Sharp Shooter

Born into a poor farming family in Princetown, Missouri, Janet learned to fend for herself from an early age. At 6 years old, her Mother and Father died in a freak yachting accident leaving Janet to look after her 12 brothers, where she managed to keep order with a gun and a smile! After she left home, Calamity Janet tried her hand at a variety of jobs, including Head Cook at Fort Larry where she earned her nickname for her unique take on “home cooking”, but a fter one insult too many, she left to seek her fortune in the Wild West.

As fast with her gun as she is with her wits, who knows what job she’ll do next!

-- ends –

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Palzoun Entertainment creates and produces multi-platform digital entertainment and videogames. Innovation, quality and creativity are the tools with which the company uses to develop products of value and entertainment in its capacity as both Publisher and as Developer. As a production company, Palzoun have focused its efforts on licence acquisitions, the creation of IPs and projects, and funding third parties using strategic partnerships, in addition to co-producing and handling commercial relations both inside and outside the country. www.palzoun.com


SpinVector is an innovative Italian developer that creates hi-tech multi-platform videogames and installations at the boundaries of material and virtual: the result of constant research in the fields of real-time computer-graphics, augmented reality and interaction. www.spinvector.com


dVGiochi publisher produces casual and family games included the classic BANG!. dVGiochi develops its own board games and, together with its close network of partners and distributors, has won many industry awards in both its national and international markets. dVGiochi is considered a leader in the field of Italian board games. www.dVGiochi.com

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