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PALGN Launches Smart PSP Formatting

Sydney, Australia, 10 September 2005 - The PAL Gaming Network (PALGN) has today launched its new technology, designed to detect and correctly render web pages viewed via the PSP browser.

James Gay, PALGN's Manager says: "Those of you who have tried out the PSP browser are likely to find the experience akin to browsing on an old 468 computer with a dialup connection. Typical load times for most sites range from 60 seconds, up to over 3 minuets. Once you actually get the page up and running you'll probably find yourself having to continuously scroll left and right in order to read each line of text which stretches past the edge of the screen."

"Surprisingly many gaming sites are not PSP friendly at the most basic functional level" said James. "The front page on IGN.com, for example, will not load completely (due to insufficient memory errors) and roadblock ads on GameSpot.com can't be passed using the PSP browser."

PALGN has solved these problems by becoming the first site in the world to automatically detect when it is being viewed on a PSP and adjust its design accordingly. The special PSP design rearranges content to make each page fit onto the PSP screen. A significant amount of non-essential code has also been removed to help speed up the processing time while the PSP renders each page.

The PALGN front page (http://palgn.com.au) will now completely load in under 10 seconds on a PSP with a typical Wi-Fi connection. Most other pages will completely load in under 15 seconds.

James says: "Those of you lucky enough to be in possession of a PSP with firmware 2.0 simply need to point your PSP browser to http://palgn.com.au to check out the design. Everyone else will simply have to dream of a time when toilet breaks while playing World of Warcraft become a chance to catch up on the latest PAL Gaming news."


The PAL Gaming Network is one of Australia's leading gaming media websites coving all major consoles (including handhelds) and PC. Founded in late 2001 as a community project designed to fill the void of non-American gaming press, it grew through many forms to establish itself in 2004 as one of the most comprehensible and comprehensive gaming resources for both hardcore and casual gamers living in Australia. With the recent addition of a European editor the company now has a dual focus, ensuring that content from all PAL regions is suitably covered. With several huge projects in the works PALGN is set to become as important for PAL gamers as IGN and GameSpot are for Americans.

For more information please call +61 (0) 415 400 707 or visit us at http://palgn.com.au or http://palgn.com.au



James Gay

+61 (0) 415 400 707


PR Director:

Luke Van Leuveren

+61 (0) 403 596 822



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