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Pack your PSP® system, we're off to Bliss Island this December

December launch and wireless gaming confirmed! Video preview now available at www.codemasters.co.uk/bliss

Take a trip to a tropical gaming paradise as Codemasters releases the video preview of Bliss Island , the ultimate destination for your PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system this December. The video is now available, along with the latest holiday snaps, at www.codemasters.co.uk/bliss

Bliss Island is funky, frantic and fiendishly compulsive game of skill featuring a menagerie of competitive creatures that are as bizarre as they are cute and fluffy. Using just the analogue stick and an action button, players will juggle, race, attack, defend and direct the critters through a series of mini-games that share this uniquely intuitive control system.

Bliss Island 's star inhabitant is Hoshi the Zwooph, one of nature's Good Guys. In fact, he's an environmental hero. With his ability to project precision puffs of air from his trunk, our small blue ball of fluff toils all week bringing beautiful white clouds to the Island until Friday comes and Hoshi gets a day off.

In Bliss Island , the game, it is Hoshi's day off and that means it's time for fun and games as he competes in a series of frantic events all over the Island. Players get to join Hoshi and his friends in using their brilliant blowing ability through the games, which include bashing singing cave slugs, feeding ravenous Jigoka monsters and destroying waves of evil advancing bricks (it's a weird place).

The PSP system edition of Bliss Island is the evolution of the casual PC game created by Pompom Software (Space Tripper, Mutant Storm). On the PSP system, Bliss Island is a much faster and skilful game than its PC counterpart and adds wireless multiplayer gaming into the mix. There are four mini-games delivering two-player action over the PSP system's wireless connection and, with two Zwoophs batting it out on screen at the same time, this is Bliss Island at its most chaotic.

In Fluffy Football, it's football with two Zwoophs on the pitch. The first to three goals is the winner but the pitch isn't in the best condition so players will need to dribble around boulders and avoid the scuttling crabs. Next, Brick Invaders sees a Red Zwooph versus Blue Zwhooph in a race to bash bricks to smithereens. Red bricks for the Red Zwooph and blue ones for the other. Players rack up points by brick bashing but lose out if they smash the wrong colour.

It's a race to find the hidden fruit in Forest Frenzy. Players battle against their rival as they jump upwards through the forest and the first to find and gobble up five pieces of fruit wins. Finally, Hoshi's pet bumblebee stars in Bee Racer, a race through obstacle course gates against a rival.

Bliss Island will launch as a burst of tropical gaming sunshine this December for the PSP system. Take a trip there right now with the preview video available from www.codemasters.co.uk/bliss

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