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Pacific Storm Retail Patch 1.5 Available for Download

cdv Software Entertainment USA, in cooperation with Buka Entertainment, released a new patch for Pacific Storm, their WWII hybrid strategy/action title for PC today. The new patch brings the retail game to version 1.5, and offers multiple fixes, gameplay tweaks and broader operating system compatibility. For more details regarding the contents of the patch, be sure to view the readme.pdf included with the patch file.

For media, please download the patch from the online pressroom at

Consumers may download the patch at the official cdv USA Web site at

An exciting hybrid title, Pacific Storm mixes the strategic elements of RTS titles with the action of an arcade title. RTS fans will enjoy classic strategy elements including resource management, unit and building construction and unit deployment, while action fans will be happy to take to the skies or seas as they directly control units in intense combat. It's like getting two fantastic WWII titles for the price of one!

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