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Pacific Storm demo out now!

Lesta Studio and Buka released the 300MB PC file today to let people try out the unique blend of gaming genres (real-time strategy, tactical warfare and air simulation) before it goes on sale this summer. The game is currently being tested by Lesta Studio and Buka. You can discuss the demo in this thread of the official game forum (

Pacific Storm is a game that features the battles in the Pacific during WW2 and combines global military strategy, tactical, and arcade simulator level. It is possible to play either for the US or for the Japanese military forces in large-scale air and sea battles. The game starts in 1940 and continues till 1948 and by this time player can develop different technologies, use new weapons and even turn the course of history. The game is a great blend of three different genres (RTS, tactics and simulator), and gives a player the opportunity to make strategic and tactical decisions, as well as a possibility to immediately "inhabit" one of the subordinate units and personally help your forces to fight the battle. The unique features of Pacific Storm are global strategic mode, thoroughly developed tactical mode, and the dynamic flight simulator.

Founded in 1991, Lesta Studio is now one of the leading Russian game development studios. Our talented team can produce various game and video projects with high quality and at a short notice using professional technical basis situated in the historical center of St. Petersburg and constantly developing technologies. We are actively working on our projects. Lesta Studio in association with Buka Entertainment has designed and produced The Entente WW1 Battlefields, which is the first strategy about WW1. At the moment we are also working on some unannounced game projects.

Buka Entertainment is one the leading computer games publishers and distributors in Russia. The company considers publishing to be the key factor for reaching the professional peak, and high quality of projects. More than 70 of our employees work in the field of producing, marketing and sales in the head office located in Moscow. Our solid team is capable of designing and implementing most challenging, large-scale and fascinating projects. Moreover, we are a single whole with our budding game development teams, with which we closely work and render help at all stages of game creation

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