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Pac-Man tops UK mobile game chart for April

Namco's classic arcade title Pac-Man was the most-downloaded mobile game in the UK during April 2004, according to the second monthly mobile game download chart which has just been released by ELSPA.

Another arcade classic, Tetris (developed by IFone), was second in the ranking, while MForma's Call of Duty was in third place, ahead of two EA Sports titles - FIFA 2004 and Tiger Woods 2004 - published by Digital Bridges.

The remainder of the top ten saw IOMO's Pub Pool slipping to number six, while THQ's duo of Worms and Moto GP 2 were at seven and eight respectively. Gameloft's version of Solitaire was at number nine, and the number ten slot was held for another classic - Digital Bridges' Space Invaders.

The mobile game chart was launched earlier this year by UK publisher association ELSPA, and is compiled using information from the UK's top four mobile operators - O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone.

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