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Pac-Man Is Back To Battle The Ghosts


29 April 2005 - Everyone's favourite hero, Pac-Man, is back with a whole new adventure exclusively for Nintendo DS. PAC-PIX allows you to utilise the Nintendo DS touch-screen like never before! Use your artistic talents to draw and create a self-animating Pac-Man, as well as special gestures including arrows and bombs. Watch as Pac-Man comes to life on-screen for a totally new gameplay experience.

Mischievous Ghosts have invaded books and paintings, causing trouble around the world, and now it's up to Pac-Man to lock all the Ghosts inside one final book using his Magic Pen, the only weapon which can defeat them. You are in control, and must now take over Pac-Man's quest to defeat the pesky spirits.

Pac-Man can be drawn in any size- the smaller he is, the faster he will move! Draw up to three Pac-Mans on screen at once! There are many different types of Ghosts in the game, each with their own capabilities. Some move faster, while others can only be attacked from a certain direction.

Later chapters challenge not only the player's drawing ability, but also their brainpower, requiring some quick puzzle thinking to beat the Ghosts. Players can also unlock collectable cards, further adding to the replay value.

PAC-PIX launches on 20th May at an estimated retail price of £29.99. The Nintendo DS launched in the UK on the 11th March 2005 at the estimated retail price of £99.99.

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