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Ozura launches multiplayer poker game

Texas Hold 'em comes to handsets

Mobile entertainment publisher Ozura Mobile has announced the launch of Texas Hold 'em Poker for mobile phones.

There are three game types to choose from - Structured Bets, where bet amounts are predefined, Pot Limits, where maximum bets depend on the amount of money in the pot, and No Limit, where players can raise the stakes as high as they choose.

Up to eight players can compete against each other, making THEP "one of the largest turn-based multiplayer games on the market," according to Ozura. Experts and novices alike can go head-to-head, and upload their scores and credits.

"It is wonderful to see how realistic the look and feel of the game is and when combined with a high speed network such as 3G. It is a truly seamless and enjoyable experience," commented Ozura marketing VP H.E. Mah.

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