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Outsource – a Media darling finger in all the pies…


LONDON, UK. Outsource Media. You name the game at EGN / Gamestars Live show in London last week, and Outsource Media will have had something to do with it somewhere along the line. OM featured in no less than 20 of the show's leading titles. These guys are currently receiving more exposure than Tara Palmer-Tomkinson after her stunning performance in Celebrity Jungle......

Each of the titles to be given the OM touch were worked upon individually and rest assured that their work is always unique to the title - amazing really when you consider just how many games were stamped with the OM logo at the show this year...darling.....!!

Mark Estdale (CEO, Outsource Media) said

There had has been a lot of things said about this show and the other, but for us it was like having the best seat in the house.

The list of games included:

Juiced - Juice Games

Second Sight - Codemasters (Free Radical Design)

Conflict: Vietnam Sci (Pivotal Games)

OutRun 2 - Sega

Nexus - Vivendi (Mithis)

Premier Manager - (Zoo Digital Publishing)

Who Wants to be a Millionaire - (Zoo Digital Publishing)

D-Day - Digital Jesters (Monte Cristo Games)

About Outsource Media

Formed in 1996, Outsource Media specialises in voice production, Quality Assurance (QA) and localisation with studio facilities in Sheffield, London and Los Angeles.

These services are tailored for the videogame industry but extend to TV, movie, radio and advertising. Outsource prides itself on a quality guarantee based on delivery, facilities, experience and creativity.

Outsource boasts an impressive range of clients including Electronic Arts, Sony, Acclaim THQ International, SCI, Blitz, Zoo Digital and Sony Pictures.

Titles include: Conflict Desert Storm II, The Great Escape, Formula 1 2002/3, Destruction Derby Arenas, Lord of the Rings, Timesplitters 2, Conflict Desert Storm, Yager, Drakan II, X-Beyond the Frontier, Wipeout Fusion, Stewart Little 2, Ballerburg, Independence War II - Edge of Chaos....

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