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Out of the Park Baseball 11

Viva Media to bat for the game in North America.

NEW YORK, NY MARCH 18TH, 2010 - Viva Media is thrilled to announce its newest acquisition for the 2010 season: Out of the Park Baseball 11. The company signed a North American publishing deal for OOTP 11 with Out of the Park Developments, slated to launch in North America on April 6th. The OOTP franchise has been a juggernaut in the baseball simulation market, giving gamers the opportunity to manage a professional baseball team. Carlo Voelker, CEO of Viva Media, has commented, “It’s an honor to bring such a well regarded product to the market place. The game also presents a great opportunity to reach outside the traditional audience of gamers to a much broader group of PC users.” Markus Heinsohn, founder and lead developer for OOTP Developments, commented, “We’re excited about the opportunity to partner with Viva and bring OOTP to an even wider market. We feel that the growing feature set of the OOTP series provides something for baseball fans of all different types, and OOTP 11 will be the best version we’ve produced yet! We look forward to sharing it with our fans!”


Out of the Park Baseball 11 ("OOTP 11"), the latest in the award-winning series, is the most immersive, realistic, and customizable baseball management simulation game on the market today. OOTP 11 provides what "fantasy baseballers" truly desire - the ability to control every aspect of a baseball team. With online or solo play, real Major League rosters, historical simulations, and purely fictional leagues, OOTP 11 has all of the bases covered!

Some of the main features of OOTP 11 include:

• Multiple styles of play - Use current-year MLB rosters, including full minor leagues. Use rosters from any MLB season in history (1871-2009). Or create a completely fictional baseball world. Do a combination of all of these! OOTP offers unmatched flexibility in setting up your baseball universe.

• Unlimited season play - OOTP has no season disks or season limits. Play five, ten, a hundred, or two hundred seasons. As many as you like!

• Solo or online play - Enjoy the game solo, or join an online league and compete with other human GMs for the ultimate management challenge.

• Realistic statistical engine - Watch your players perform and develop in a consistent, realistic manner over the life of your league with OOTP's realistic statistical engine based on modern baseball theory. Track their results using thousands of individual player, team, and league statistics. Watch as your own Hall of Fame grows before your eyes!

• Complete front office management - If a GM does it in real life, you can probably do it in OOTP. Manage the scouting budget. Make trades. Handle the amateur draft. Scour the waiver wire. Sign free agents. Negotiate contract extensions. Demote and promote players within your organization. You can even define depth charts, lineups, and pitching rotations for every team in your organization. It's all up to you! Of course, you can choose to delegate some or all of these functions to your team personnel, too!

• Unparalleled customizability - Customization has long been the hallmark of OOTP. Nearly any aspect of the game can be customized: league structure and rules, team logos, player pictures, and more!

• Play-by-play model - In OOTP, you can choose to fulfill solely the general manager duties, or you can take over on the bench as well, playing out any games you wish with our detailed play-by-play engine. Choose defensive strategies, make substitutions on the fly, and give the hitter that "swing away" sign. OOTP will "call" the play with an ongoing stream of announcer text, almost as if you were listening to the radio!

• League web sites - OOTP can generate an in-depth web site for each league, with thousands of pages of player data and stunningly in-depth history.

• In-game news engine - OOTP generates appropriate news articles and communications on the fly, so expect to hear about it when that slugger pounds four homers in a game, or when you 3-hit your opponent. Of course, this is also customizable, so write your own game recaps and articles if you wish. They'll be stored in the history of the league!


Out of the Park Baseball was born in 1998, when lead developer Markus Heinsohn had the vision to combine a highly realistic baseball simulation with career play. Since then, “OOTP” has gone through ten more iterations, and has become the leading franchise for fans of baseball simulations. OOTP Developments also produces the simulations Title Bout Championship Boxing and Inside the Park Baseball.


Viva Media LLC is a New York based company dedicated to publishing a wide array of interactive content of the highest standards. The company's collection of over 150 games boasts more than 100 awards for excellence in publishing. Recent releases include S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, Grand Ages Rome, the wildly popular Crazy Machines series, the Learn to Play Chess series based on the world's #1 chess software engine, the renowned car racing simulation games RACE, GTR Evolution, RACE ON and a variety of casual games including the best seller, Treasure Masters, Inc.

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