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Vintage magazine repository re-issues Mega Drive Advanced Gaming.

Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, Monday March 15th, 2010 - Out-of-Print Archive the number one gaming magazine preservation site available today has just released the first fully official legal magazine, Mega Drive Advanced Gaming. Mega Drive Advanced Gaming is a publication owned by Mr. Hugh Gollner and published in the early 90's in the United Kingdom. Mr. Gollner's magazines (list below) were able to capture large, sometimes majority, shares of the various markets the they covered.

This historical event is marked with the release of Mega Drive Advanced Gaming #2 which featured many games such as Gleylancer, Magical Tarot, Thunderfoce IV and Twinkle Tale among many more. While there have been fully sanctioned magazine releases with websites that focus on specific hardware, such as Atari, this is the first time that a general gaming magazine preservation website has received permission to release full magazines from a publisher/copyright owner. Steps have already been taken to work with more publishers and copyright owners to bring even more gaming magazines to Out-of-Print Archive for preservation.

Mr. Gollner had this to say about Out-of-Print Archive's efforts to preserve gaming magazines:

"There was so much work put into all these magazines, both by us and by publishers such as Future. Magazines are such creations that to have somebody preserve them and enable people to look back on them is great."

Mega Drive Advanced Gaming at Out-of-Print Archive -


Interview with Hugh Gollner - http://www.outofprintarchive.com/articles/interviews/out-of-print/Hugh_Gollner_interview.html

Magazines Mr. Gollner has given Out-of-Print Archive permission to release:

Amiga Action

MEGA (partial)

Mega Drive Advanced Gaming

MegaTech (partial)

PC Player

ST Action

Super Control

More to come.

Out-of-Print Archive was created on September 9th, 2009 (the 10 year anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast). Out-of-Print came out with a large collection of Dreamcast gaming articles and has steadily grown to the #1 gaming magazine preservation website on the Internet today. Steps are being taken on a daily basis to bring more official releases from publishers and copyright owners so that these magazines are not lost to history and time itself.

Out-of-Print Archive is a non profit, no money received, gaming magazine preservation site. We are extremely interested in working with publishers and copyright owners and look forward to doing so in the future.

Out-of-Print Archive can be found at http://www.outofprintarchive.com.

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