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System that reckons to embed your games in browsers without you needing to learn Java or Flash.


OSAKit is a very simple system that will allow you to wrap up your games and programs and embed them into a browser. So you can use your normal tools and engines to make games that can easily go onto your web pages and works on all Windows browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, name it). You can do all this without having to alter any of your code or even learning Java or Flash!

Egypt -- October 09, 2008 -- Deliver your game or program to the web in minutes without the need for learning or porting it to Java or Flash!

The new release support more browsers like Google Chrome, Safari...etc and also has better compatibility with Vista. OSAKit supports Windows 9x/XP/2000/NT/Vista

OSAKit Pro features :

Communicate with Browser : OSAKit allows you to communicate with the browser as it works like a middle man. Now you can command OSAKit to run or execute JavaScript or even VBScript against the browser, you can call any native or your own Java/VBScript functions with unlimited number of parameters! Streaming Downloads : This helps you deliver your game/program fast for the user and load all your media later so the user do not wait long to see your game! Advertising System : You can use this feature to display any ads or even mini flash games while your game is being downloaded Fully Customize Loading Screen : Control how OSAKit will look by assigning your own background and customized progress bar. Easy Webcode Creator : One click and your page is generated immediately without any trouble writing HTML or java code to get it work!

You can find more info and download a free version the latest SDK and player from here

About Ancientsoft :

Ancientsoft is an independent software developer based in El-Mahmoudia, Alexandria, Egypt. The company was established in 2001. We are developing simple, yet fun and creative games that suit all ages.


Maher F. Farag


Phone : +2 (010) 1064497

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