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Order Up!

Wii cook-'em-up in the shops today.

24 October 2008 - We all remember the days when mums, dads, brothers and sisters spent real quality time together, having fun and playing games in the living room. In more recent years, this type of family interaction seemed to have become a thing of the past. Order Up! is the brand new, family game for the Nintendo Wii that not only teaches you a thing or two about running your own restaurant, but also gets parents and kids having fun together once more.

Order Up! is a delicious blend of precision restaurant cooking and culinary empire building, all rolled into one tasty treat. As a promising new chef on the island of Port Abello, you get to build your own restaurant empire from the ground up. Rising from humble beginnings as a cook in a fast food restaurant, you will have to come to grips with dozens of different ingredients, skills, cooking styles and different cuisines, from classic American Diner food, to Mexican and Italian dishes.

During this journey, you will have to deal with the headaches and hazards of running a working restaurant kitchen such as picky patrons, quirky assistant chefs, food critics and health inspectors. With cartoon style graphics and humour that appeals to both parents and children, Order Up! is a deep, fast paced game, full of personality, which promises to push the cooking genre to its limits.

Other key features

• Use the Wii-Remote to control all aspects of preparation and cooking. This includes cutting, grating, spreading, frying, sautéing boiling and steaming

• Start by serving tables of one and two and work your way up until you are serving four complicated meals all at the same time with the pressure really on

• Four different restaurants with their own cooking styles – American Diner, Mexican, Italian and haute cuisine

• Over 60 different meals to prepare and cook plus 36 unique chef's specials to perfect

• Hire and fire assistant chefs to help you get the food out as quickly as possible. Be careful to choose someone who compliments your particular skills as they all have their own particular area of expertise

• Gain five stars in order to unlock the next restaurant

• Stars are awarded for unlocking all the menu items, buying all the chef's specials, earning a given amount of coins, cleaning up the restaurant and finally impressing the snooty food critic with your culinary prowess

RRP: £34.99

Available to buy from all good games stockists

For more information please contact The Zoo Games PR Team at or 020 8322 1922

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