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OrangePixel Releases SupaSanta

Goes, Netherlands (November 14, 2006) OrangePixel announce the release of SupaSanta on mobile phones.

A special christmass release game, not a remake , but an original game concept !. Help SupaSanta with his Toy delivery agency. Using the unique game controls from OrangePixel's Thumb-It, SupaSanta features a gameplay that is very easy to master for anyone with text-messaging skills.

With an increasing difficulty skill, various bonus and gameplay tricks for extra points, highscore support and a super-xmass tune, this game should keep you busy during the holiday season.


SupaSanta also is the first mobile Java game that features Chillingo's ClickPayGo support. Allowing you to try out the shareware version for free and buy it from the ingame menu! More information on ClickPayGo can be found at

The free shareware version of SupaSanta can be found at GetJar: SupaSanta Shareware

More information on the game can be found at

About OrangePixel

Orange Pixel was founded in 2004, and has been developing and designing games for the mobile market. With a focus on casual games with mobile game design in mind it has established itself as a solid and creative development company with a world wide distribution network.

Next to this core business of game design and development, OrangePixel started the free service for both players and developers to lift online mobile gaming to a higher platform.


Michael Gouwloze

Account manager, OrangePixel


Game Development


Mobile Gaming



+31(0)847 210 876

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