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OrangePixel releases Fruit Squash mobile

Trying to extend originality in the Mobile game arena OrangePixel partners up with developer Under Siege Studio, and brings you the original puzzle game "Fruit squash". Fruit Squash features unique game play, a whole new cerebral challenge to master!

Match the fruits up and then pulp them in to new squash flavours. You will see your new squash creation in the background and score bonus points for variety and sheer volume of fruit squashed in one go!

"OrangePixel is trying to prove that originality is not dead. By partnering up with talented development studios like Under Siege Studio, we hope to bring more creative and original games like Fruit Squash to the mobile market" - Pascal Bestebroer CEO of OrangePixel

Featuring an addictive new style of game play, colourful graphics, gaming statistics and global high score support using the services

"With Fruit Squash, we tried to inject some originality and depth in to puzzle games. We tried to do something different and more involving with the puzzle game formula and I think we achieved that! Fruit Squash is very different, you have more control over the state of play than in most other puzzle games and it is more in-depth and requires more thought." - Carl Trelfa, Under Siege Studio

About OrangePixel

OrangePixel was founded in 2004, and has been developing and designing game concepts for the mobile market. A strong focus on original ideas and mobile game concepts is quickly setting OrangePixel aside from the large market of rehashed ideas and branded content. With OneThumb game concepts like Rocketboy, Toddlers, Sliderkids, and new ideas like the critically acclaimed Mechanics; OrangePixel has the balls to be creative.

About Under Siege Studio

Under Siege Studio has been creating Mobile Games since the end of 2005, but the experience of it's founder, Carl Trelfa, goes far beyond that. Releasing a Mophun game, TANX back in 2003 and with Java experience since 2001/2002. We aim to create fun and original titles that anybody can enjoy.

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