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OrangePixel dominates the Gamejump.com Top10 charts

November 2006, - the players of the free ad-sponsored Gamejump website have agreed with OrangePixel that mobile gaming should come in the form of simple and easy to grasp gameplay.

OrangePixel having not just taken the first spot in the "Top 10 games" ranking with their excellent shooter BlackMetal.

But to empower the statement of it's quality content the OneThumb "Micro Dragracers" takes up second place, followed by the platform games Dynamokid and Dynamokid2 in third and fourth.

Finally closing the Top 10 is the Onethumb platform puzzler Yo Ki-yo! a new appearance in the charts that will most likely be moving up a few spots in the coming weeks.

"We are pleased to see our original IP's doing so well in this Top 10. The gamejump charts show what is played the most, unlike other charts that focus more on what game is sold the most" said Pascal Bestebroer CEO of OrangePixel.

About OrangePixel

Orange Pixel was founded in 2004, and has been developing and designing games for the mobile market. With a focus on casual games with mobile game design in mind it has established itself as a solid and creative development company with a world wide distribution network.

Next to this core business of game design and development, OrangePixel started the free RumbleX.com service for both players and developers to lift online mobile gaming to a higher platform.

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