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Operation Chastity

Halo fan film hosts tie-in multiplayer tournament.

To tie in with the impending release, Keyshot Productions is hosting a challenge only for the toughest of Halo fans - a Halo Reach multiplayer tournament that will be played over the coming three months between 48 teams from all over the world.

The tournament will feature both a knock-out competition and a Nations Tournament. It will prove once and for all who the greatest Halo players are, and which country is most worthy of the title of champion in the Halo multiplayer arena. With prizes to be won as well as national pride, teams will have everything to play for!

The tournament is free to enter and is open to teams worldwide. Registration for the tournament officially opens on Monday 21 st March 8pm UK time with the first game taking place on Saturday 9 th April.

For additional rules and information on the tournament as they are released, including information on tournament prizes, visit the Operation Chastity website at:

Operation Chastity (a fan film project staffed by fans and film industry professionals) tells the story of a group of Marines fighting the last battles of a war against an invading force of aliens.

The teaser, which has been in post-production since November, is helmed by first time writer/director Peter Cooper along with a host of talented volunteer visual effects teams.

For regular updates about the production including the latest news and updates, visit the Operation Chastity Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or sign up for the newsletter via the Operation Chastity homepage.  

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