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OpenFeint launches cross-platform social APIs

iOS, Android, Windows Phone can share leaderboards, friends lists

Mobile gaming social network OpenFeint has introduced a raft of major cross-platform features to its service.

OpenFeint-enabled games available on Android, iOS and more can share leaderboards, user accounts, friends lists and more across multiple platforms.

Commented OpenFeint CEO Jason Citron: "We believe games should connect people, regardless of what device or mobile OS they own. With the release of OpenFeint Connect, we give game developers the flexibility they need to take their games and game data to players everywhere."

The new service is known as OpenFeint Connect, and is API- rather than client-based - which means it can in theory be adopted by games on other platforms with relative ease.

Already confirmed as being newly-supported are Windows Phone 7 and the Mac App Store.

More details on OpenFeint Connect are available here.

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