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Intel puts $3m behind OpenFeint

Cross-platform Game Center rival now boasts $12m in funding

Aurora Feint has enjoyed a $3 million Investment from Intel to help expand its OpenFeint mobile social gaming platform.

This brings total investment in Aurora Feint to $12 million, including $5 million from The9, sometime distributor of World of Warcraft in China.

OpenFeint is a cross-platform alternative (and forerunner to) Apple's Game Center, now encompassing both iOS and Android devices. It boasts 3400 games and 45 million gamers.

Intel revealed to TechCrunch that the cross-platform nature of OpenFeint was its primary interest in the firm, which may be some hint as to the processor giant's plans for the mobile market, or to piggy-back its Atom chip's dominance of netbooks.

Intel has also invested an unspecified amount into cloud streaming firm Gaikai in July.

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