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OnNet's Shot-Online will kickoff the summer with massive updates and events!

Here's a sneak peak into the new Shot-Online, starting with the celestial Cadeiger course and more!

FOR THE IMMEDIATE RELEASE (San Jose, CA July 07, 2006) You haven't played a multiplayer online golf game like this! Shot-Online is unlike any other online sports game available. Rendered in lush, beautiful 3D graphics, it is a fusion of an accurate golf simulator with a deep role playing game. With its friendly community, fun quests, user enhancements, rare items, and character leveling; the traditional RPG elements make playing Shot-Online a unique experience. Customize your character with a variety of accessories from shirts, pants, hats, and gloves. Take advantage of our new Club Fitting system by creating your own unique club catered to your tastes. By playing everyday and competing against players of different skills, your experience level grows and more courses and items become available to you. Best of all, Shot-Online is Free to Play! So what are you waiting for? Come and join us at Shot-Online and experience online multiplayer golfing at its best! The time is now! You have heard all the rumors about new, highly anticipated updates. Without further delay, Shot-Online is proud to present the all new July Updates for the summer. Shot-Online is both proud and pleased in adding to our varied array of courses. We offer for your enjoyment Cadeiger! A course unlike any other you have played before. Cadeiger presents a new facet that even the most experienced of players will find challenging. We invite you to join and share with us our dream in the clouds. Cadeiger offers you the opportunity to play with the angels; however it is not without its own demons. Well placed shots will keep you in the clouds, yet a misplaced shot will leave you wishing you had a parachute. Out of bounds is a long way down. Even experienced Shot-Online professionals will be left scratching the head on many shots. Cadeiger was designed for the best of the best. Are you ready for action at the highest altitude? All professional golfers use their own custom set of golf clubs. So, why not have your own set of custom clubs for maximum performance? Even though there are a variety of different golf clubs available in Shot-Online, now you have a chance to customize your own. Build your own clubs form the ground up tailored to your own specific needs. Ever wish your Irons had a bit more skill or your PW had just a tad more impact? The time for wishing is over. Check out our new Club Fitting store soon and walk way with clubs you built for your needs. How can Shot-Online, an online golf game, be even more realistic? Now, real golf enthusiasts can experience what it really feels like to be on an actual golf course! Mastery mode is an option that prohibits the use of the TAB key (Indicator) that allow you to see the landing area of your ball. You will also be able to accumulate Mastery Mode points and compete with other players who love using Mastery Mode! The long-awaited new play modes are finally here. Shot-Online is proud to introduce the all new Team-Play Modes! Play Shot-Online with your friends, family, or co-workers against your arch-nemeses as a team! Double up your team and double up the fun! Too little spaces for your items? The convenient guild locker will be provided to guilds so that all member of that guild can share items! Gone will be the days of asking a guild mate if you can use there old putter, or if anyone has a Mopsos you can use. Then waiting in the square after they say "Sure, if you can wait, I'm on hole 2 of 6." Now you do not need to worry about sharing spaces with guild mates. Use the guild locker for common storage. The newest edition to the array of courses Shot-Online offers is Cadeiger! A course like none other you've played before; it presents a new facet that even the most experienced of players will find challenging. Playing Cadeiger course is like golfing in the clouds of a dreamland. There are characteristics that players will notice which make this course unique. Such as drastic changes in elevation from point to point which cause golfers to be very aware and analyze every shot by observing if their next attempt will be a safe one. Cadeiger is an extremely beautiful course but can also be deadly for a participant's score card. It is an 18 hole course with par of 72 and is public to all levels & titles that wish to engage it. Cadeiger offers a round of golf that requires high lofted shots and tests multiple repertoires in a golfer's skills. The course involves approaches from almost every conceivable angle. Don't expect the light at the end of the tunnel to be a ray of hope. Cadeiger features arduous greens breaking in all conceivable directions. Even veteran golfers will be left scratching their head. Course management is essential on Cadeiger! Many big hitters will discover that attaining the next closest fairway will be like an out of reach brass ring. Players must beware obstacles at all times when looking to advance past unfamiliar territories on the links. Examples of mistakes can be caused by oversight when judging how much elevation will affect a shot. Besides, there will always be the traditional water and sand bunkers appearing frequently and surrounding the course. Delving deeper into what Cadeiger course is made of, you witness stunning landscape which facilitates playable scenery that is tied in with the function that a real life golf course holds. Case in point, a golf course in the clouds established on giant pillars of land mass cannot have normal cart paths. However, with clever design, transportation is still available with the help of motorized ski lifts. These ambiances give the course even more of a charming atmosphere and actually add a touch of realism. Another special aspect for this course is the captivating camera angles. They are different from other courses in Shot-Online because of the intense elevation changes mention before. Some holes have 50.0+ meter drops with the consequence being large amount of hang time that are shown so beautifully, it melts away all anguish by watching them. Let's talk some strategy! About every hole on Cadeiger course requires a game plan before attacking the links. If your desire is a birdie, you will have to be prepared to carefully view all the options and paths Cadeiger bestows. A closer look into various random holes can demonstrate this implication. This par 4 hole is a great example of how it can be tempting for power players to unleash their distance. It better be coupled with high loft and control or you can expect to loose your stroke to and OB and have your balls drift away into the blue abyss. If you're the type of player who likes to take what the course gives you, you'll ignore the 2nd fairway and lay up with a mid-iron that sets up a manageable approach to the green. The opening drive is from an elevated tee, with the air lift cart path showing the way towards a patchy fairway surrounded by thick rough and OB not far off. Don't land short of the green because a bunker is waiting for you up front! If you're not within 5 yards of the cup, expect a two putt because this green is harsh and takes many turns. A forced carry across a ravine and up a hill needs to be long enough to find the fairway on this par 5. There's still an uphill approach that requires hitting one to two clubs more to a 3-tiered green, which slopes back to front, and is guarded by a bunker on the middle right. Off the tee, once again you'll have a choice to lay up on the first fairway or give yourself a possible eagle putt making the 2nd fairway. A main thing to consider is the necessity to be in the center of the fairways as possible because of poor lie, bunkers, and rough which surround. This really sets up a great risk/reward for those who go for the green in two. Many professional and weekend golfers alike commonly express how much golf is enormously a mental game. Shot-Online is proud to continually test player's abilities and wits by adding challenging dimensions and courses to the game! Playing Cadeiger course is a textbook illustration of this. Check out everything about Shot-Online's July Summer Updates! Please don't forget that Shot-Online is FREE to play, and don't forget about Shot-Online's referral program that can get you up to 10,000 Cyber Cash (US $100 worth). About OnNet Co., Ltd Founded in 1996, OnNet Co., Ltd is at the epicenter of the ongoing online revolution, leading with its Internet community services and solutions, and is playing a significant role in helping companies reinforce the value of their online services. OnNet Entertainment is the developer and operator behind the online golfing game, Shot-Online. OnNet USA Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of OnNet Co, Ltd., was founded in November 2005, and is the Shot-Online International Service Provider. For more information about OnNet Co., Ltd and OnNet USA Inc., visit MEDIA CONTACT: YJ Jin (408) 519-5765

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