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Online World Rankings With Leader Boards For RACE 07 Has Been Released

SimBin Development Team are extremely proud to announce that the global ranking and leaderboard system for RACE 07 is up and running. The system gathers Global online lap times and data from RACE 07 on one unifying location;

As RACE 07 now has been released it was time for SimBin to release this feature to unite all racing gamers in one major leader board system.

The functionality and support for this online ranking opens up an armada of new opportunities for both independent gamers who just want to see how they stand out in the competition as well as for leagues and communities who wants to create larger organized competition models.

"Our goal is to continue to optimize and build on this ranking system to fine tune it to perfection. We want this tool to be used by people from all over the world and hope that people will enjoy the competition this brings", said Heidi Nikunen, RACE 07 Producer at SimBin Development Team.

The online world ranking system also serves as base for SimBin official events to be launched with the ambition to unite the world under one giant racing umbrella.

In order to take part in this great event all you have to do is press the ingame Register button in the World Leader board menu and a registration tool will popup. The ingame Register button will afterwards change into a button which says Ranking Servers and this is where the action begins.

You will be able to view the top rankings both in game and via the game website at

Make sure to go there and check YOUR laptimes!!

Good luck and race on!

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