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Oniric Games presents Time of War

For Immediate Release

October 24, 2007 - (Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina) Oniric Games ( www.oniricgames.com) is proud to announce the successful conclusion of the development of Time of War, their latest title for the PC. Time of War is a unique third person shooter focused on relentless action and addictive gameplay, with hundreds of enemies to combat, a vast arsenal at the player's disposal and explosions everywhere. Development has concluded on time and on budget and Oniric Games is now looking for strategic partners to take the game to retail markets around the world.

Sixcorp has issued an ultimatum: all world nations are to surrender power to them or they will use cyber energy, their devastating new technology, to wipe out all of the world's major capitals. The player's mission as elite soldier Sean Harmmor is to lead a special task force created by the World Alliance to put an end to the threat. In his boots, players will have to face dangerous opponents each step of the way, but will have a special weapon on their side: cyber energy. Harmmor's cyborg arm gives him the ability to turn Sixcorp's development against them. Using the vast arsenal at their disposal and Harmmor's special cyber powers, players will have to infiltrate Sixcorp's bases and battle with heavily armed soldiers and high tech weaponry and defense systems in a quest against time to undermine Sixcorp's military superiority and bring world powers back into balance.

TOW is a shooter with a twist. The core gameplay is strongly focused on providing an unrelenting action experience. With hundreds of enemies to combat and vehicles and structures to blow up, shots and explosions are there all the time, keeping things fun for the player. All this is spiced up with cyber energy, which the player can collect from destroyed enemies and channel into special powers. Cyber energy is an innovative element that is completely integrated into the title's gameplay and presents an interesting variation to the genre's standards.


· Relentless shooter action with non-linear gameplay.

· Control numerous powerful weapons and special cyber-powers.

· Destructible environments in 3D with realistic physics.

· Varied missions with multiple objectives and lots of secrets to discover.

· Harness the power of cyber-energy and channel it in devastating special attacks.

· Dive into a fascinating story and find out all the secrets behind Sixcorp's high tech developments.

Oniric Games already has publishing deals in place for this title and are actively seeking for other publishing partners interested in taking this unique shooter to the worldwide retail markets.

Publishers looking for an evaluation copy can contact Mariano Ruggiero at contact@oniricgames.com

Trailer 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4NIEXRPIaQ

Trailer 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=st2bu2Me1HY

Screenthots and further information: http://www.oniricgames.com/Games/TimeOfWar/home_en.htm


Mariano Ruggiero


Email: contact@oniricgames.com

Phone: +54 2362 431502

Address: R. E. de San Martín 30, of. 18 - Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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