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Jack-O-Lantern and Zombie Packs now available; new game Drag Tag Smash on the way.


SmashMouth Games are happy to announce that their latest release Ongaku for the PC, has been receiving critical success in magazines such as GamesTM; Issue 102 due for release on 28/10/10 – the game scored a very successful 7/10. The team are also happy to release today the latest Ongaku Theme Packs specially made for Halloween; the Jack-O-Lantern and the Zombie Packs.

In addition to this, SmashMouth Games are also very proud to announce their next new game; Drag Tag Smash, is very soon ready for release on the iPhone/iPad. The nature of this fast paced game is very simple; drag the sphere, to tag the invaders, to smash them to smithereens. Players can expect to score trillions as the game prides itself on focusing on taking traditional game elements, like the score, to the next level by using a unique 3 tiered scoring system. Drag Tag Smash also features a very dynamic electro soundtrack, which builds up with intensity, emotion and variety the more the player tags enemies to destroy them. This synaesthesia philosophy within pick-up and play games is a key focus of the company’s products so far. The game allows players to:

·         Drag, Tag and Smash infinitely spawning enemies for infinitely massive scores.

·         Score trillions with the Smash Score System, then post online to Facebook to impress your friends.

·         The more you destroy the more music you get; the Retro-Electro soundtrack is driven from destroying enemies.

·         The game dynamically changes its difficulty depending upon your actions.

·         Instant action with simple pick-up and play controls.

“The team are elated at the reviews of Ongaku.” says Zuby Ahmed, Managing Director of SmashMouth Games. “Right now we are putting all our effort into making sure that everyone knows just how great the game is to play, especially when you use your own music, pictures and videos for that personal touch. The new Halloween Packs also look great in the game, just in time for Trick or Treat night. We’re also very happy with the development of Drag Tag Smash; we wanted to build upon music interaction with this game, making the player feel empowered the more that they get into the game, yet keeping things nice and simple; we think we have nailed this. We hope that the retro nature of Drag Tag Smash will appeal to everyone; simple to play, but I know from losing hours of development time, it’s damn hard to put down!”

Ongaku is a 2D rhythm action game combining an original score and stylised artwork. Players take the role of the magic crystal Ongaku and progress through the fantasy kingdom of Melody by popping paint bubbles in time to the music. If successfully popped, the paint bubbles reveal an artistic masterpiece, bringing the canvas to life with its unique artwork. There are endless possibilities with a wide range of new features to customise and share your experience:

Enjoy 11 brand new lusciously animated levels, each with their own new music theme Auto-generate playable levels from your favourite music tracks, pictures or videos using the Tune-O-Matic Discover your inner artist with the ability to import your favourite media and create your own levels using the Melody Maker Share the levels you've created with your friends and see their creations Five difficulty settings allow you to enjoy playing, whatever your level of expertise Ever-growing collection of new downloadable Theme Packs available, including Pop, Rock, Dance and many more  

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About SmashMouth Games:

SmashMouth Games is an award-winning independent development company focusing on creating casual and innovative videogames for the download market. Since SmashMouth Games was established in 2006, the company has released a Flash Version of its first game, Ongaku, which achieved over 100 000 downloads in its initial two week launch (now nearly 500 000 downloads). Ongaku went on to become a leader in its field, winning the prestigious, "Armor Games Rhythm Action Competition" hosted by the international website Newgrounds - the most visited Flash-Portal on the Internet today. In May 2008, Ongaku was nominated for Game of the Year by Newgrounds. Currently the company is working on three projects, the first of which is Ongaku, for multi-platform release. SmashMouth Games is also a registered Wii Ware developer, Apple iPhone developer, and is part of the Microsoft Empower Program. The company also has successful educational ties with The University of Salford and is also based at Futureworks Manchester School of Media (, both of which are situated in the heart of Manchester. For further information visit:



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