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One Piece™: Grand Battle™ Comes Exclusively To Virgin Megastores

Launching on the 7 October 2005, the Playstation 2 game, One PieceTM: Grand BattleTM, will be available exclusively at Virgin Megastores, at a release price of £29.99.

Based on a very popular Japanese Anime series, One Piece, One PieceTM: Grand BattleTM is a game where players will get the chance to be Monkey D. Luffy as he sets out to sea in a rowboat, in search of "One Piece" - the greatest treasure in the world.

One Piece games have had phenomenal success in Japan, often topping best sellers charts. With the One Piece cartoon series currently being shown in the UK on Satelite channel Toonami (dubbed in English), experts at Virgin Megastores are anticipating that One PieceTM: Grand BattleTM could achieve the same popularity and high status that games such as Dragonball Z have in the UK market.

Commenting on the new release, James Cooke, Head of Games for Virgin Retail said: "Virgin Megastores are committed to bringing an exciting games proposition to UK consumers, and our exclusive deal on One PieceTM: Grand BattleTM PS2 is just one part of how we shape our offer to stimulate customer interest and keep our shoppers at the forefront of new and emerging trends in gaming".

Virgin Megastores will be the only UK retailer stocking One PieceTM: Grand BattleTM after securing a deal with games publisher Atari.


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Liz Hunt or Maria Murtagh

At Borkowski PR

020 7404 3000

Notes to Editors:

About One PieceTM: Grand BattleTM

Battle your way across the Grand Line to become King of the Pirates. In a world of pirates, one man wants to become the greatest of them all: Monkey D. Luffy. Join Luffy as he sets out to sea in a rowboat, in search of "One Piece," the greatest treasure in the world!

  • 16 playable pirates with 32 additional support characters from the TV show!
  • 6 game play modes including Grand Battle and 2 player Versus Mode
  • Interactive 3D environments: pick up objects and use them to attack your opponent!
  • 7 environments in which to battle your opponents, all faithfully recreated from the TV series.
  • Each character has more than 20 regular moves, as well as special attacks and ultimate attacks!
  • Unlock hidden features such as additional characters, costumes, items and mini-games.
  • Collect items and gimmicks to power up or increase your skills.

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