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One out, Sold Out.

Mastertronic Group Ltd today announced that it had acquired rival value publisher, Sold Out. In a move which sees the two value publishers become one, Mastertronic are confident that this will be great news for publishers and retailers alike. The new company now provides a one stop solution to publishers and IP holders to exploit the value re-publishing sector at both clearly defined price points, namely £9.99 and £4.99, across traditional and non traditional retail outlets. The Group will have an executive board of Andy Payne (Group Managing Director), Frank Herman (Group Chairman) and Garry Williams who becomes Group Business Development Director.

This latest acquisition adds to the purchase earlier this year of manufacturing and fulfilment specialists - The Producers - effectively making the group vertically integrated, owning its own manufacturing, fulfilment, distribution, customer relationship management and e-commerce resources. In addition, the Group has also recently launched mobile/wireless specialists, MAD4Games, as well as wholly owning Mastertronic Games (key brands PC Gamer Presents and MAD ranges of PC value product).

Chairman of the group, Frank Herman stated, 'more than 20 years ago, Mastertronic invented the value sector, with this acquisition of the clear market leader, it is our goal to be the sector! This means we will be offering more revenue to our publishing and retail partners.'

Garry Williams commented, ' Sold Out and Mastertronic's brands remain the same, but the group gives us a super charged engine to drive them to warp speed'

Andy Payne said 'this is the Christmas present I always wanted. The battle for the value sector is over. The battle for retail is about begin.'

Mastertronic expects to announce entry into the console market in the near future.

About Mastertronic

Headed up by Frank Herman, Garry Williams Andy Payne, and Adam Prichard, Mastertronic is part of The Mastertronic Group Limited re-formed in 2003.

Mastertronic will seek to engender the values of its enviable heritage and become the leading value re-publisher of computer and video games working with publishers, retailers and consumers alike to continually innovate at all stages in the publishing value chain. Focus will be only on bringing the highest quality games to a mass market, delivered within a brand strategy that everyone can trust.

Originally formed in 1983, Mastertronic bought many a legendary 8 bit game to a true mass market (One Man and his Droid, Hunter Patrol, Spellbound, Phantoms of the Asteroid and Master of Magic to name a few). Mastertronic also brought the Sega Master System into Europe in the mid- 80's. The name Mastertronic all but disappeared from the industry in 1991 when it was acquired by Sega.

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