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September 2006 - Love the peace and serenity of tropical fish? Hate trying to catch the slippery blighters whilst you clean the tank? If so, Fishz is for you!

Focus Multimedia is pleased to be adding this virtual pet simulation to its best-selling Essential range, retailing at just £9.99.

There are over 70 different species of Fishz to choose from. If you want more than one, though, check out the encyclopaedia first to make sure they won't fight! Then enter the Marine Shop and purchase your new pets.

You are in control of every aspect of your new pet's life. You can design its new home, right from the gravel and the plants in the bottom of the tank, to what fun toys it has to play with - a castle or a treasure chest perhaps?

Once you have chosen your Fishz and decorated the tank, you can play in one of two modes. In Expert mode you must be active; feed, grow and breed your Fishz. If you neglect them, the inevitable will happen and they'll go to fishy heaven.

For those of you that choose Fishz because they're low maintenance, maybe it's best you try the Lazy mode and just watch your pets swim happily around in the world you have lovingly created for them.

You can sell Fishz back to the Marine Shop if you fancy a change, or if the ones you have are not compatible. Experiment with different types of fish and see what happens - who knows, if you're lucky you might return to your computer and discover your pets have been making babies!

Once you have decided on your mode of play, sit back and admire what you see. The graphics are beautifully detailed; if you think things are a little dark, try changing the poor Fishz water!

A cool feature is the option to turn your creation into a PC screensaver. You can admire your own handiwork when your computer is idle. Sit back and watch your tropical pets meander around the screen.

It is rumoured that, if you take proper care of your Fishz, you will have a special surprise awaiting you! So look after your new pets and you'll find out if it's true.

Craig Johnson, managing director of Focus Multimedia, commented: "Software featuring virtual pets is incredibly popular with children, with Dogz® 5 and Catz® 5 exceeding all of our sales expectations. Fishz is another worthy addition to our highly-acclaimed Essential range. It's bound to make a splash!"

Fishz is available now for a suggested retail price of £9.99 including VAT, and can be purchased from all good retail outlets of PC software. This product, and the rest of Focus Multimedia's range is available to purchase direct from www.focusmm.co.uk

About Focus Multimedia

Focus Multimedia is one of the UK's leading PC CD-ROM budget software companies (Source: ChartTrack), publishing high quality, affordable titles for all the family. Focus' titles are synonymous with quality, choice and value and have defined the standard for value software retailing below £10. With a complete range of over 400 titles, Focus delivers high quality entertainment for all age groups and interests. Focus Multimedia has distribution channels into major retail outlets such as PC World, WHSmith, Staples, Woolworths, via the Internet through Amazon.co.uk and Play.com as well as non-traditional chains.

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