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"Extravagant bounty of riches" to be won in Twitter contest.

Hull, UK, August 26th, 2009 / Omerta Game Ltd are celebrating a successful re-launch of its very popular online Mafia game, Omerta, by giving away a special in-game bonus via a competition on Twitter.

Within the first month of the re-launch, Omerta, the biggest free-to-play, massively multiplayer gangster game on the web, achieved a number of impressive milestones including over 100,000 new registrations

“We are delighted with how the playing community has embraced the new version of Omerta, with its cache of exciting new features. To have achieved 3,000 daily new registrations through the first month of the re-launch is a testament not only to the innovation we set out to achieve with the new version, but to the planning and execution by all involved with Omerta” commented Omerta Game Ltd C.E.O. Steve Biddick.

“We are proud to have re-launched Omerta with such a bang. The game forums have been a hive of activity. New family rivalries have been played out with over 5,000 deaths, largely as a results of the new weapons like grenades and C4 explosives adding extra impact to an attack. The introduction of new bodyguards has changed the gameplay totally. Wars are fought totally different, as no one can pre-empt the amount of bullets it will take to perform a kill” contributed Otto Adang, Lead Designer on the new version of Omerta (O3).

“Of the new bodyguards, Lee has proved very popular, as players look to him to firm up their defence to kill attempts, whereas the crooked ex-cop Joe is being used to reduce the amount of time players spend behind bars. And the introduction of the new bodyguards impacts on the player rebirths, as it is possible to carry over skills and objects after a player kill. But this is only the first month, and we anticipate new playing strategies will emerge. Being in a position to observe the new gameplay evolve is very exciting. It will provide inspiration for later iterations of Omerta” adds Adang.

To celebrate the success of the recent re-launch, Omerta will be giving away an extravagant bounty of riches through a contest on the popular social networking site, Twitter.

“We used Twitter successfully during the build up to, and following the re-launch of the new version to communicate important updates and bug fixes to our player community. We now have a healthy community of supporters spreading the word about Omerta. So it was only natural to reward them with a contest fit for a Don “said Craig Albeck, Communications Director at Omerta Game Ltd.

The riches being given away through the contest include a fat bonus of $500,000; 10,000 bullets to inflict some serious damage, and a Mercedes-Benz W25 Avus Streamliner, a highly sough-after car within Omerta.

The contest will start on Monday, August 31st at 13.00 in-game time (Omerta Time), and play out over a period of 5 days. Each day, Omerta will select one of its dedicated language versions at random. Players from that particular version will have a 3 minute window of opportunity to tweet about Omerta using the #tag, #Omerta within their tweet. All the tweets that fall within the 3 minute window will be entered into a random draw. We will contact the winners via a direct message to their Twitter account.

Entrants will need to be registered on Twitter and follow the Omerta tweets. This can be achieved by following Omerta – HYPERLINK ""

Players can register at the new version of Omerta here - HYPERLINK ""

Omerta is free to play. The only requirements are a modest PC with an internet connection.

About Omerta -

Omerta – HYPERLINK "" – began in 2003 as an amateur project, in a bedroom in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Omerta Game Ltd was founded in 2004 to manage and further develop Omerta. It now boasts a full-time staff of 18 people in four countries and a network of over 200 volunteers, spread out across the whole globe.

Omerta is available in 29 languages, all of which are updated for the forthcoming launch of Omerta 3. Regional (single-language) versions are available in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese/Brazilian, Turkish and the 'Nordic' languages (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish).

Apart from the International version, the Dutch, Turkish and Portuguese versions are the biggest versions.

Already more than 3.5 MILLION people have played Omerta!

Omerta players like to spend time chatting with their friends on Omerta's own IRC server. There are typically 4000 people or more logged into this.

Omerta boasts typically more than 70,000 players logging in every day to chat, race cars and kill each other, all in the name of fun!

Media interested in reviewing the new version of Omerta please contact:

Craig Albeck

Communications Director

Omerta Game Ltd

01482 214 714


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