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Omegame unveils Menus Master v2.6, the ultimate user interface (UI) authoring solution

Paris, France - November 12th, 2007 - Omegame today announced that the latest version of Menus Master, the most complete, flexible and user-friendly solution to create game user interface (UI) for any C++ platform, has been released.

Menus Master provides all the functionalities artists need to create any kind of sophisticated game user interfaces: 2D and 3D front-ends, in-game UIs and heads-up displays (HUD).

Menus Master's iterative authoring process allows artists to start from a basic user interface and upgrade it until obtaining a cutting-edge user interface, without having to restart from scratch. Artists can test and try the user interface they are authoring at any time, in real-time WYSIWYG conditions, to make sure they obtain the expected result.

Moreover, artists can create a user interface for several platforms at the same time, thanks to Menus Master's unique platform specific dedicated resources system, which allows to define, for each object in the user interface, specific resources according to each platform.

The newest iteration, Menus Master 2.6, includes a combination of performance enhancements and new software features and improvements. Amongst the new features and improvements are:

- Masks: Masking allows hiding part of any kind of object (2D or 3D) with any other object, of any kind (2D or 3D). Up to eight masks can be applied.

- Multithread support: Any number of menus components can be loaded in memory at the same time, in any thread.

- Circular Button Zone: This new feature of the Button Zone enables circular selection, i.e. selecting one option for each of the eight directions of the analog stick.

- New texture management: The texture management has been improved; it is now much more intuitive.

- Interface improved and polished: Many features have been simplified, and a new set of icons has been implemented.

- Enhanced statistics: Statistics now show how each object is used, allowing a better comprehension of the UI, and a faster navigation between each element of the UI.

"Most of these new features were driven directly by the feedback that we received from our customers" said Sébastien Kohn, Sales & Marketing Director for Omegame, "making Menus Master the most complete User Interface authoring solution for the industry".

For more information or to set up an evaluation of Omegame Menus Master, please contact Omegame at, or visit Omegame's website:

Menus Master v2.6 will be demonstrated for the first time at the Game Connection 2007, December 3-4-5, Lyon, France.

About Omegame

Omegame develops and licenses Menus Master, a complete user interface (UI) authoring toolchain. Menus Master helps designer and engineers to dramatically reduce the time it takes to author any sophisticated user interface, including 2D and 3D front-ends, in-game UIs and heads-up displays (HUD), using any kind of multimedia resources, including 2D bitmaps or vector graphics, 3D objects, videos, sounds, etc. To learn more, please visit

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