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Version 2.0 of iOS freemium platform brings pay-per-install distribution.

Burlingame, Calif. – February 25, 2011 – OpenFeint today announced OFX 2.0, a freemium platform for iOS game developers in partnership with Adknowledge. The freemium platform brings pay-per-install distribution to developers to enable them to get more downloads, along with two powerful ways for developers to make more money from paying and non-paying users.

Pay-per-install distribution allows a game developer to increase their own application’s downloads by purchasing inventory in other freemium games to generate installs. Players looking to earn virtual currency in those freemium games are given the option to download the game developer’s app in exchange for more currency. 

In addition, OFX 2.0 helps game developers make more money by converting non-paying players into revenue-generating gamers. Players earn free virtual currency through the completion of simple actions, like downloading an app. Once a player completes one of these simple actions, game publishers are paid a revenue share from OpenFeint.

Game developers can easily build freemium games without any server work using OFX 2.0’s virtual goods economy system to manage a virtual goods store over the air, with no updates to their game. OFX 2.0 makes it easy to swap out virtual items without having to spend time and money, building a scalable, server infrastructure. Freemium game developers can also measure their economies with server-based analytics that give them actionable insights into what their players like buying and how much to charge them.

“Mobile is the new frontier for game developers looking to reach the next wave of gamers,” said Chris Smutny, general manager for Adknowledge. “The free-to-play phenomenon that became popular on Facebook is about to explode on mobile. OpenFeint is the perfect partner because they’re the leader in social game engagement technology on mobile platforms, and they have the critical mass of 4,800 games and 66 million players which creates an unparalleled opportunity to transform how mobile games are developed and monetized.”


The Adknowledge partnership will introduce pay-per-install distribution and additional monetization options on the OFX 2.0 platform.

“Mobile is an increasingly important part of our strategy and we’re excited to establish a footprint there using OpenFeint's vast reach and Adknowledge’s proven games monetization solution,” said Suren Markosian, founder of CrowdStar.

The OFX 2.0 freemium platform will be available for game developers on March 7.

“The nature of monetization and distribution on mobile is very different than on Facebook. We’re excited to partner with Adknowledge to create new freemium opportunities on mobile devices that rival their desktop counterparts,” said Jason Citron, founder and CEO of OpenFeint.

To find out more information and learn how OpenFeint and Adknowledge will work together, developers should visit  OpenFeint.com/OFX2 or  www.srpoints.com .

About OpenFeint:

OpenFeint is the largest mobile social gaming ecosystem for all app stores and mobile devices, with over 66 million registered users and a presence in over 4,800 games. OpenFeint is backed by Intel Capital and The9. Developers interested in more information about OpenFeint and its leading mobile social gaming technology should visit  http://openfeint.com/developers.

About Adknowledge

Adknowledge operates the 4 th largest marketplace for advertisers to connect with their target audiences in hard-to-reach places on the Web with similar ROI as search. Since its founding in 2004, Adknowledge has grown organically and through acquisitions (including Miva, Super Rewards and Hydra) to become the largest privately-owned Internet advertising network.  The company connects advertisers with consumers across the long tail Web via multiple channels, including mobile, email, search, domains and social networks. For more information on Adknowledge, visit  www.adknowledge.com.

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