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Official Add-on "Sword of the Stars: Born of Blood" Gone GOLD and Available Through Digital Download

Haarlem, The Netherlands - June 5, 2007 - Leading Publisher Lighthouse Interactive and Vancouver, Canada based developer Kerberos Productions are pleased to announce that Born of Blood, the official add-on to their acclaimed 4X space strategy game for Windows® Sword of the Stars, has gone gold. The game will be available for purchase as a direct download at various major portals like GamersGate.com beginning June 6th. The retail version is expected to hit retail shelves by the end of June 2007 in the UK and various other European territories.

Lighthouse Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder said, "We're really excited about expanding the Sword of the Stars universe with Born of Blood. Not only because the game is an important franchise for us, but also because we feel it adds so many new features to an already great game; the depth and replay value are both surprisingly enormous." He went on to say, "Kerberos have outdone themselves and we sense the community will really love the additions that Born of Blood brings to the galactic table."

"Born of Blood is really our first chance to show the gaming community how Sword of the Stars will evolve over time. It is not just a collection of content and changes but, instead, a small leap forward in time for the Sword of the Stars universe," adds Martin Cirulis, CEO of Kerberos Productions. "By incorporating fans feedback into our own plans, we have been able to make Born of Blood something more than the usual expansion. When you combine this with the advent of a new race, the dreaded Zuul slavers foreshadowed in previous Sword of the Stars updates, you have a package that adds to the experience for old pros while offering a refined, vibrant entry point for newcomers to Sword of the Stars."

Sword of the Stars originally released worldwide in August 2006, is a breakthrough 4X space strategy game that takes gamers back to the action-packed roots of the 4X genre enhanced with new features, including a 3D starmap and real-time combat resolution in a 3D environment. Most importantly, all this was brought to players with online multiplayer abilities unmatched in the genre. Born of Blood is an essential upgrade for anyone involved in the Sword of the Stars universe. The add-on requires the original base game to run.


Defeat a New Enemy Race in the Action-packed Official Add-on to Sword of the Stars.

The year is 2445. Over 30 years have passed since the first stellar empires began to expand. Four races once set out to explore and conquer the galaxy, meeting in fiery clashes that spanned the universe. The first wars have passed and a promising age of diplomacy dawns.

Now a new alien race emerges shattering the uneasy peace. With new drive systems, ships, technology, and tactics, the Zuul burst onto the scene with a devastating agenda - not only will they conquer, they will control the entire universe unless you put a stop to their destruction.

With savage ships and psychic powers, they enslave or annihilate all those who oppose them. As their galley disks descend to harvest slaves from neighboring races, all other empires may be forced to put aside their grudges - if they do not unite against the Zuul, each race will be systematically exterminated. Form alliances and learn to work with your foes as you lead your fleets to victory in a universe at war in Sword of Stars: Born of Blood.


Play as the merciless Zuul Slavers with over 90 brand-new ship sections and their unique drive system - the Tunnel Drive

Over 25 additional technologies, including new diplomacy and intelligence gathering techs

15 more weapons you can add to your ship designs

New ship sections for the original four races, including: War, Projector, Boarding, and a new type of defense satellite - the Torpedo Defense Platform

4 additional galactic encounters, a new grand menace, plus 3 unique scenarios and 6 original maps

New game features, including Slavery, Trade Routes, and Diplomatic Communications

6 never-before-seen screenshots accompany this press release. Go to: ftp://ftp.lighthouse-interactive.qhosting.be:12321/

To find out more about Sword of the Stars: Born of Blood and to keep up with the latest news on the game visit www.swordofthestars.com.

About Kerberos Productions

Kerberos Productions is a gathering of seasoned video game developers, with over 35 years of collective experience, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Before forming their own company, the team was responsible in the development of both Homeworld: Cataclysm for Sierra and Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon for Disney Interactive. Team members have also worked on over a dozen hit games, including Homeworld, Ground Control, Team Fortress, and Counterstrike. With an interest in games of all types, Kerberos intends to establish a reputation in the gaming industry by applying our experience towards a high standard of strategy and action games. Kerberos is a unified group of industry veterans who don't just make video games, but play and understand them. Visit: www.kerberos-productions.com.

About Lighthouse Interactive

Lighthouse Interactive is a leading publisher of interactive entertainment with offices in The Netherlands, Canada and England. Founded in 2005 by industry veterans, the company has quickly grown into a worldwide publisher with publishing operations on both the European and North American continents. With a drive for gaming that equals that of their target audience, Lighthouse has proven to have an eye for quality games in all sorts of genres, from adventure to shooters and from simulation to strategy. In 2007/2008, Lighthouse anticipates a further increase in activities, doubling up its number of releases for PC Windows to well over 10 in each market, as well as moving into console gaming. By backing its franchises all the way, Lighthouse has shown it is the right alternative for developers looking to bring their products to a worldwide audience. Visit www.lighthouse-interactive.com.

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