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Oculus Start program aims to lighten the load for VR devs

Facebook-owned VR company is offering "access, support and savings" to thousands of developers

Oculus VR has launched a new initiative to make creating for virtual reality easier on developers.

Oculus Start is based on three core principles: access, support and savings, the provision of which, the company believes, will allow developers to focus on innovating in the VR space.

There will be no fees attached to Oculus Start for those who qualify, but the benefits are numerous. Start developers will get access to development kits for new and existing hardware, beta access for tools and services, and opportunities to network with their peers at industry events - such as Oculus Connect.

Oculus will also provide five dedicated support sessions each year, to help Start developers improve their products, as well as face-to-face meetings with the Oculus VR team at regional events. Participating developers will also receive a free, one year Unity Plus license, and credits that can be spent in the Oculus Store.

"We're launching this program to offload some of the development costs of qualified developers so that they can focus on what's really important - creating amazing VR applications," said Kasey Galang, head of the developer ecosystem at Oculus VR, in a blog post published today.

"We know there is no shortage of inspired ideas and creative minds breaking ground in VR. Creativity isn't the barrier. Resources shouldn't be either."

In an email sent to, Oculus said that it is looking for "thousands" of developers to take part in Oculus Start, as long as they have already created a VR application.

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