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Oceans of Adventures

Underwater ARG gets Seal of e-Excellence.

Hungarian online children-content developer Egyszervolt.hu has teamed up with Microsoft Hungary and “Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó” to create an engaging interactive fiction, based on the real scientific research of Octopus Maritime Archeological Research Association.

In the two-months-long campaign players could dig in the history of the 17 th century, learn about marine archeology while solving or even creating puzzles online. The project utilized several edutainment methods such as video-riddles, point & click adventures, quizzes, different kinds of simulations and has even included live events connecting the researchers in Brazil and pathfinders in South Africa with players in Hungary on the Internet.

As a front-end company of the “Oceans of Adventures” creator team Egyszervolt.hu was awarded with the platinum seal of e-Excellence.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKPKimLbOaA – a taste of adventure

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYcESLqZCRU - trailer


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About 4Kids Ltd.

4Kids Ltd. is the leading online children’s content provider in Hungary since 2001. Their website Egyszervolt.hu offers poems, songs, tales, games and workshop activities for preschool children. Now 4Kids is focusing on edutainment methods and on alternate reality games for the whole family.

For more information on Oceans of Adventures please contact


Game designer

Tel: +36 30 2292 688

E-mail: fekete.zsombor@egyszervolt.hu


About Octopus Maritime Archaeological Research Association

OCTOPUS group aims for society and the individual's common interests to organize and carry out underwater archaeological research and scientific exploration and to disseminate their methods and results for educational purposes and cultural activities. In January 2007 the first Hungarian-Brazil Archaeological Scientific Research Expedition started organized and led by the OCTOPUS, in cooperation with the Brazilian Archaeological Authority operating under the Brazilian Navy. OCTOPUS group is the only company licensed for research and exploration in Brazil, so the license is unique in the world.

For more information on Octopus Maritime Archeological Research Association please contact


E-mail: info@deepresearch.hu

About Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó

Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó Zrt. is owned by the NTK-Perfekt Zrt, a member of Sanoma Learning and Literature group. Since 1949 NTK is a leading schoolbook publisher in Hungary. NTK creates and publishes high quality educational content for elementary- and secondary schools as well as for higher education. Today NTK is the publisher of more than 2500 publications and numerous learning materials. NTK continuously explores the boundaries of the newest learning methods specially in the field of children with special educational need, education of minorities and e-learning. NTK’s own mobile based product “Puskatár” has won the silver Seal of European e-Excellence 2011.

About European Seal of e-Excellence

The European Seal of e-Excellence has been awarded annually since 2003 by the EMF – the Forum of e-Excellence and its Partner Associations at an Award Ceremony at CeBIT, the European trade show for the ICT industry. A jury composed of representatives of the Partner Associations selects the winners on the basis of an open application process.

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