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OceanDive - Screensaver and Exploration Game Reaches Over $60000 Sales

Sales statistics, download information and lessons learned available now at gameproducer.net.


FINLAND, JUNE 1, 2006 - Today GAMEPRODUCER.NET (http://www.gameproducer.net) published sales stats of OceanDive (http://www.oceandive.com/), an unique combination of a 3D scuba diving screensaver and exploration game by SCS SOFTWARE (http://www.scssoft.com/). Game was reported to sell over 4000 copies directly through their website totaling over $60000 in direct sales.

"The territory for aquatic screensavers is very very crowded, full of 'free' offerings loaded with adware. With OceanDive, we wanted to create the Rolls Royce of underwater screensavers, something very tough to beat for anyone without a great 3D engine and content pipeline, but marketing the title is tough. It's hard to communicate that you are unique when there are so many competing offers, it's difficult to convey that OceanDive is actually 'more than just a screensaver' - that there is a game there as well." explains Pavel Sebor, a developer of OceanDive, about the market situation for the game.

The article about sales stats, download information, promotion methods and lessons learned is fully available at the gameproducer.net website (http://www.gameproducer.net/2006/06/01/oceandive-screensaver-and-exploration-game-reaches-over-60000-sales/).

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About SCS Software
Located in Prague, Czech Republic, SCS Software is an entertainment software company focusing on the development and production of high quality games since 1999. SCS Software develops their titles in-house, using their own 'Prism3D' engine technology and end-to-end content-pipeline. In addition to OceanDive, SCS Software also develops the 18 Wheels of Steel and Hunting Unlimited series of games, for retail publisher ValuSoft. Their latest production is Deer Drive, an arcade-style 3D hunting shooter self-published on April 2006.

For SCS Software website, see: http://www.scssoft.com
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