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Ocean Quest

iPhone puzzler featuring prehistoric animals frozen in blocks of ice.

Liverpool, United Kingdom 16 th December 2010 

Welcome to the Ocean! Your mission takes place in different developmental stages of the ocean, from the dark volcanic ocean to the colourful ocean full of fishes. You, as a scientist, are discovering and connecting frozen prehistoric animals trapped in ice cubes. Cubes must be linked by colour or type of animals. If you do that, cubes will be destroyed and animals float to the surface.  Complete with a 20 level story mode which will updated with new levels and is filled with various bonuses.


- In-game tutorial

- Story mode with 20 levels (more levels will come in updates)

- Arcade mode (endless mode)

- 3 different environments

- Different types of achievements and bonuses

- Stunning graphics and great sounds

- score posting platform

Download from here:

Promo codes available on request.

For further information on this or any other title from Thumbstar Games please contact:

Martin Kitney

Chief Operating Officer

Thumbstar Games Limited


Thumbstar Games is a publisher and distributor of iPhone games and lifestyle applications. In addition to our aggregation of mobile games for Android, Windows Mobile, RIM BlackBerry, Symbian and J2ME games, Thumbstar now offers a complete publisher role to developers.  

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