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O~3 Entertainment Releases Mind Bending Trailer for "Konductra"


SANTA CLARA, CA, October 30, 2006 - O~3 Entertainment, an interactive entertainment publishing and distribution company, today released a new trailer for "Konductra," a new fast-paced puzzle game for the Nintendo DS TM . Developed by oeFun, "Konductra" fully utilizes the touch screen functionality of the DS. By matching colored tiles creating intricate patterns, players will be able to accumulate points, block opponents lines, and complete tasks. Using the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, players have the opportunity to face off against puzzle masters, or play against friends and family in an intimate LAN setting.

About Konductra

Developed by oeFun, "Konductra" challenges players to create and destroy lines with colored tiles to either earn points or attack an opponent. This unique, but elegant puzzle title offers four game modes, including Task, Score, VS. CPU, and VS. Human. In both versus modes, the objective is to beat the opponent by filling up the rival's board as quickly as possible. Gamers destroy lines by matching tiles and using the stylus to trace from similar colored conductors running along the four edges of the screen. Once destroyed, the lines are then sent to the opponent's board, bringing the player one step closer to victory.

More information about "Konductra" is available at www.Konductra.com.

About oeFun

oeFun, Inc. is an independent game development studio and official Nintendo developer dedicated to making fun and innovative titles for a variety of platforms including Nintendo DS and Wii. oeFun's mission is to become synonymous with fun, quality and innovation while making some of the best games in the video game industry.

Austin-based oeFun was founded in January 2005, by Ian Dunlop, a career game developer with 18 years experience in the industry. Dunlop has a long resume, his talent having been integral in the development of several world-class titles.

About O~3

O~3 Entertainment is an interactive publishing and distribution company established to bring dynamic videogames from independent studios located all over the world to the retail marketplace. The company was founded by a group of highly-experienced game industry veterans. O~3 Entertainment is based in Santa Clara, California. For more information visit www.o3entertainment.com.


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